Becoming member

You want to become member or renew your membership?

  • Belgian Members:
    • A-members (Zythos member + Bierpallieters member): 15 euro. You will also receive the magazine 'De Zytholoog' as well as some reductions on the beer fest of other beer organisations of Zythos.
    • B-members (Bierpallieters member - only if a family member is already a A-member): 10 euro
  • Foreign Members (A-members): 20 euro

Please pay by cash transfer to IBAN BE51 7510 0406 6562 - BIC AXAB BE22 (with Belgian bank accounts, you can also use cash transfer to 751-0040665-62). Please mention your name and "Membership fee 2017". When you are a new member, do send us an e-mail with your postal and e-mail address.

All of our members are informed by mail on our upcoming activities (tasting sessions, beer trips, ...). and receive reductions for our activities. For more information about memberships, contact us.