Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation

The Opstalse Bierpallieters have the honour of inviting you to their 24th Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation which will take place Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st, 2015 both starting at 15h00 at Tapperij Beukenhof (Broekstraat 18, 9255 Buggenhout, Belgium). The entrance is free and even more, Zythos and EBCU members are offered a welcome drink.


At this unique event, the beerlist is mainly composed of lambic based beers as lambic, kriekenlambic, faro, gueuze, framboise and others (approximately 70 beers) from all of the remaining lambic brewers and blenders. Notice: only the authentic lambic based beers will be sold, none of the commercial ones. The beers of the 2 remaining breweries of Buggenhout and our own beers are also featuring on the beerlist. If you're interested in the full beerlist, just take a glimpse at a tentative beerlist. The beerlist will be quite similar but is released at the weekend itself, because we go get the beers at the breweries a couple of days before the weekend.

We also offer a free taxi-service (between the nearby railway stations and the event). Sure take a look at the itinerary to the fest and the overview map. If you're planning to stay for the night, there are several options, we offer for example lodging and breakfast at 20 euros per night per person (reservation obligatory as well as payment in advance!).

Attention! There are no cash dispensers close to the festival. Also hardly any taxies are running in the surrounding of the festival.